It’s all a journey of alternating self-loathing and massive narcissism.

*deep breath*

This is the first filmed proof of my stand-up efforts. Perhaps one day this will be bootlegged and admired as the beginnings of a wildly successful and inspirational journey. This seems unlikely at this juncture, though, because as first filmed proof sets go…oh, I wish they could have chosen a better one.

I’m around 3:33 in (though you should watch it all as there’s some thoroughly, brilliantly silly balls in there from fellow comics), and though I leave myself to your judgment, consider that a) my sets have normally garnered a better response than this one, b) This is literally the only time I’ve had a blank half-way through a set and c) I sincerely hope I’m not normally that sweaty.

I’ll fuck off now. Enjoy.


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