On a quiet Sunday, a blog was born…

The last time I wrote a blog on a regular basis was from the ages of 14-18.  Entries varied from describing the intricacies of rehearsing for a half-hour production of Mary Poppins at school (I was the Bird Lady – the world will never know the subtlety and pathos of that particular performance), to the existential journey of becoming a fully-fledged teenager complete with crushes on unobtainable, lovely boys, and ending rather abruptly upon departing to university where I stopped posting because I, well, had gained a life.

That blog is probably out in the internet ether still, somewhere. I daren’t look for it. I don’t think I could handle the embarrassment of viewing my previous, slightly more idiotic self.

But here I am again! Whilst this is primarily a procrastination exercise on the Sunday night before returning to work, it’s an overdue exercise. This blog will get lost among the salad of more interesting and amusing others out there, I’m sure, but there’s always a chance it’ll get noticed, strike a chord, and be a place I can extol the virtues of Matt Smith, possibly whilst drunk.

Some facts about myself:

– My name’s Ros and I’m 22.  By day I work in a job I appreciate very much and will not speak of here.  By night I write poetry, perform poetry, take part in improv classes and improv performance, and am a fledgling stand-up comedian, currently based in Lancashire.

– A year ago I barely could have predicted I’d be doing any of the above things. I’ve dashed suddenly and head-first into stand-up, and now I can’t imagine doing anything else.

– I hope that this blog can be a third shameless self-promotion, a third distraction and activity for myself, and a third insightful comment about the state of comedy and whatever else might catch my eye.

– I can’t guarantee the resulting product will match ANY of the criteria above.

For now, I can fulfill the ‘shameless promotion’ part of the bargain – here are some gigs I have on soon!

– (Speculative) Thursday 23 January, County Comedy Club, Lancaster University
– Wednesday 29 January, The Comedy Balloon, Manchester
– Monday 3 February, Dead Cat Comedy, Manchester

My stand-up has featured, variously; verbal filth, Doritos, huge cardboard signs, observational anti-depressant humour, apocalypse scenarios and some cutting-edge, unique, maverick material about the North-South divide. And there’s more where all of that came from.

I hope you’ll keep up with me and that I keep up with you. I have a nose piercing and a TARDIS hat. Why you wouldn’t be interested in me is, frankly, a mystery.

Kiss kiss.


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